Sophie Schoppenhorst-Stilke 1837-1877



Sophie Schoppenhorst was born in Ladbergen, Westphalia, Prussia, the younger half sister of Wilhelm (1813-1884) and Hermann (1816-1893) Schoppenhorst. She immigrated in 1844 with her parents, her brother, and an older half-brother and half-sister. The viewed image of the ship's manifest reveals: Herm 57, Christina 42, William 20, Christine 16, Sophia 7, and Herman H. 4.

Port of Departure: Bremen, Germany
Ship Name: Ellen Brooks
Port of Arrival: New Orleans, Louisiana

The family settled in Warren County, MO, home of the older sons of Herman Schoppenhorst, Sr. After the death of the senior Herman Schoppenhorst in 1845, Sophia's mother, Christina (Schröer) Schoppenhorst, married Ludwig Stilke Jan 1846. By 1850 Sophia and her brother Herman were living with their mother and step-father, Christina & Ludwig Stilke. Sophia [Schoppenhorst] Stilke was confirmed at Immanuels UCC, Holstein in 1852.

Sophia married Heinrich Wilhelm Aufderhaar 22 Aug 1856. The marriage was recorded in records of Immanuels UCC, Holstein, MO: Heinrich Wilhelm Aufder Har and Sophia Christina Elisabeth Schoppenhorst-Stilke, both of Teklenburg. Witnesses were Heinrich AufderHar and Ludwig Stilke [Ludwig Stilke: Sophia's step-father].

Other headstones in Immanuel/Immanuels United Church of Christ Cemetery, Holstein, MO, can be viewed at Warren County, MO, Rootsweb. Many thanks go to Betty Brooks for her assistance and dedication to preserving "the long forgotten family cemeteries" of central Missouri:

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