In your e-mail to Jane, which she also forwarded to me, you wrote:

Hello Jane, hello Cathie, hello Albert,


I don’t think, Emanuel Schoppen Kersten and Christian Schoppenhorst are the same person because the birthday of “Emanuel Schoppen Kersten” ist listed  on 17.April 1709 in Ladbergen. That is the same birthday as Herman Emanuel Schoppenhorst. But I’ll go to Ladbergen and ask Mr. Apitz in order to be certain.


No need to ask Herr Apitz,  for no one believes that Emanuel Schoppenhorst ( or Emanuel  Schoppen Kersten by birth record) and Christian Schoppenhorst are the same person. That was a mis-reading of the information, I think.  Emanuel lived 1709-1789 and Christian lived 1650-1730.  Emanuel Schoppen Kersten of 1709 birth is definitely the same person as Herman Manuel Schoppenhorsten of 1789 death.


Emanuel Schoppenhorst's father, however is called Schoppen Kersten .  It is this Schoppen Kersten that we think might be the same person as Christian Schoppenhorst. 


The early record of Shoppenhorst births are as follows:

1709   Schoppen Kersten  (ohne Rufname) has son, Emanuel (called Herman Manuel Schoppenhorst at death)

1712 Christian Schoppenhorst has daughter, Johanna Gerdrut

1714 Christian Schoppenhorst has daughter, Christina

1720 Schoppenhorst  (ohne Rufname) has daughter,  Catharina Gerdruht


The early record of Schoppenhorst deaths show:

1728 Christina Schoppenhorst, age 14, clearly the daughter of 1714 birth.

1730 Christian Schoppenhorst, age 80

1736 Manuel Schoppenhorst, age 40 (therefore living 1696-1736)

1742 Catharina Schoppenhorst, age 61


The early Schoppenhorst marriages:

1731 Catharina Schoppenhorst and Manuel Wierwille

1736 Manuel Schoppenhorst and Lisabeth Kortluke


There are no other early Schoppenhorst births, marriages or deaths in the Ladbergen Church register.  While it cannot be proven beyond all doubt, this record strongly suggests  that

1) Christian Schoppenhorst is the father of all four children 1709-1720.

2) Catharina Schppenhorst was his wife (although considerably younger)

3) Catharina Schoppenhorst, the widow, married Manuel Wierwille (a considerably younger man), whose death is found as Manuel Schoppenhorst 

There was no Manuel Wierwille death recorded in Ladbergen until much later  of a man born in 1759 (lived 1759-1832).


I hope you could follow this.