Dear Dr. Schoppenhorst,

Please forgive me for writing to you in English;  I regret that I do not write or speak German. In reviewing copied records of Ladbergen and other German communities,  I can make out the German, but then I rely on a friend or student from the university to help me.  I retired about three years ago  from Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville, IL, USA.  My husband is a retired professor of anthropology and I was a counselor.  Your father, Martin  Schoppenhorst, must be the co-workercredited in the marvelous book,  Ladbergen, by Friedrich Saatkamp.  I purchased the book from New Knoxville, OH, Historical Society.

A Schoppenhorst friend and distant relative, in-law from Warren County, MO, Cathie Schoppenhorst, called your site to my attention.  If I had only 'Googled' "Schoppenhorst, "I'd have located you, too.  I enjoyed the following sites:




Wilhelm Schoppenhorst (1813-1884) (married Peterjohann) was my gg grandfather; he emigrated 1834 (p. 32 in Gemeinde Ladbergen.)  He was buried in Hopewell Cemetery, Warren County, MO.  I have not submitted a picture  of Wm.'s tombstone to Warren County Rootsweb for the owner of the property surrounding the cemetery prefers they (the pictures of graves) not be put online.  A picture of stone of brother Hermann Heinrich Schoppenhorst (1816-1893) can be viewed at this site:

Wm.'s  daughter and my great grandmother, Wilhelmina (Schoppenhorst) Huenefeld 1846-1927, married Wilhelm Huenefeld.  Wm Huenefeld was born in Cincinnati, but his parents immigrated to America from Ladbergen in 1837.  See Wilhelm Hünefeld (the father), 06 05 1806, p. 20, Gemeinde 

Ladbergen.  Said Wm Hünefeld born 1806 died in Warren County in 1852.  You can see a picture of his gravestone at same site as daughter  Friederike (Huenefeld) Schoppenhorst.  Their graves are side by side:


Yes, you feature gravestone of  daughter of Wm Hünefeld, Friederike (Huenefeld) Schoppenhorst 1842-1867, on your website.  She married Heinrich Adolph Schoppenhorst, son of Wm:



Here is the same site of my submitted pictures::

You present this information about  Herman William 1787-1845 (died Warren County, but grave not marked) and Anna Maria  Elizabeth (Schroer) 1786-1834?) Schoppenhorst, married  04 Nov 1812,  on this site:



Yes, this information is on p. 32 Gemeinde Ladbergen, but the Schroer wife heading to America in  1844 was another Schroer:  probably  Christina Elisabeth Schroer born 12 April 1802 in Ladbergen.  This is the date of her birth provided in records of Immanuel UCC, Holstein, Warren County, MO.  There are definite problems with birth records in Ladbergen for this second, or third??, wife of Schoppenhorst 1787-1845.  Also, the information in Gemeinde Ladbergen is incorrect in my opinion.  The Schroer wife listed there (mother of Wm 1813 and Herman 1816) had died earlier....I think in 1834. Your information from Lorri Hughes:  Yes, I've taken my Schoppenhorsts back to Manuel 1709-1789 and  Liesabeth Kortlüke 1717-1772, but my line back from Wm born 1813 and brother  Herman born 1816 is not clear.  Their father, Herman,  was born out of wedlock in 1787 to  Johann Herman Wilhelm Schoppenhorst who died 23 Oct 1808, and Catharina Anna Elsabein Rutemeier,  

1755-1819.  The Schoppenhorst who died 1808 (did not marry Rutemeier) then married  Anna Maria Elsabein Wierwille in 1790.

I also list a Christian Schoppenhorst, born circa 1650, died 27 April 1730 at age 80, as the father of Manuel.  This is pure speculation because there are no records to document the father of Manual.  It was just a logical assumption because Christian was the only Schoppenhorst located that seemed to fit the puzzle.

Back to my documented Schoppenhorst who died 23 Oct 1808 at the age of  46 years, 9 months. This would put his birth date circa  Jan. 1, 1762.  I could locate NO Schoppenhorst birth or baptism record around that time.  The  only Schoppenhorst birth/baptism  that might fit was in 1759; hence, I listed birth from 1759-1762.  This is where my Schoppenhorst line breaks down.  Copied below is the birth record of his out of wedlock son born 1787:

Film LDS 0582656:

#13 Anna Elsabein Rutemeier, uneliche Sohn mit Johan Herm. Schoppenhorst, Herm. Wilm gev. Johan Wilm Schoppenhorst, Joh. Heinr. Stineker,Anna Elsab. Maneken, d. 4te Martz.

#13 Anna Elsabein Rutemeiers out-of-wedlock son with Johan Herman Schoppenhorst (named) Herman Wilm.  Baptismal sponsors: Johan Wilm Schoppenhorst, Johan Heinrich Stineker and  Anna Elsabein Maneke (born on) the 4th of March. So, my line back to Manuel is not documented at the present time.  PErhaps additional study of Latter Day Saints records will provide a clue.  I do have my Schoppenhorst family documented,  at least I think correctly, from Schoppenhorst died 1809 down thru brothers Wm born  1813 and HErmann born 1816. If you would like me to forward their children, Wm (6) and Herman (11) to you, just let me know. By the way, a Huenefeld/Ladgergen ancestor, Dominicús Húnefeld, died circa 1756 in Brochterbeck.  A son of his married Anna Catherina Elsabein Eshmann 1736-1805, in 1760. Her first husband was  Johhan Gerd Krusenclaus born circa 1733, died 3 May 1759. The location Brochterbeck and the name Krusenclaus appear in your histories.


I hope this information is helpful to you. You may be overwhelmed with material, but I'm thinking you can just hit the delete button if you wish.  Thank you, thank you for all the work you've put into your Schoppenhorst family site!!!  I've benefited from your research and intend to review, again, when time permits. May I take this opportunity  to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas!


Jane (Lichte)  Denny
309 Buena Vista
Edwardsville, IL  62025

Direct Descendants of Johann Herman Wilhelm Schoppenhorst

 1   Johann Herman Wilhelm Schoppenhorst 1759 - 1808 b: Bet. 1759 - 1762  d: 23 Oct 1808
.  +Catharina Anna Elsabein Rutemeier 1755 - 1819 b: 08 May 1755  d: 19 Dec 1819
...... 2   Hermann Johann Wilhelm Schoppenhorst 1787 - 1845 b: 04 Mar 1787  d: 1845
..........  +Anna Maria Elisabeth Schroer 1786 - 1834 b: 11 Sep 1786 m: 04 Nov 1812 d: 26 Aug 1834
.............. 3   Wilhelm Herman Schoppenhorst 1813 - 1884 b: 03 Sep 1813  d: 29 Aug 1884
..................  +Marie Christina Peterjohann 1809 - 1861 b: Bet. 22 Mar 1809 - 05 Mar 1812  d: 25 Mar 1861
...................... 4   Wilhelmina Christine Schoppenhorst
..........................  +Wilhelm Huenefeld
............................... 5   Mary Huenefeld
...................................  +William Lichte
....................................... 6   Raymond Frederick Lichte
...........................................  +Rey Gladys Neese
............................................... 7   Jane Rae Lichte 1940 - b: 1940

2.Letter from Jane 11.12.2005